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May 18, 2019  
Welcome to SeamlessCDs  

Seamless CD is a unique concept that allows our CD’s and downloads to play endlessly, without anyone noticing. 

It doesn't matter whether the CD is played in a CD player, DVD player, CD ROM drive on your computer, or even ripped to your jukebox software, iPod or any other Mp3 player.  As long as REPEAT is on, the CD or audio file will continue for ever, seamlessly.  It doesn't matter if your device defaults to repeating the track or the album.  Seamless CDs are set up so that the track and the album are the same.

Seamless CDs are also developed to be compatible with each other.  This means that you can chain as many Seamless CDs together as you like, in whatever order you like and have them play and repeat seamlessly.

Of course, it doesn't matter how clever the technology is if the CD itself is not interesting.  Therefore, Seamless CDs include not only time-tested favorites, like sounds of rain or surf, but also original soundscapes and ambiances to be found nowhere else.

Seamless CDs are used for personal enjoyment as well as museums or art installations that need audio to complete their ambiance.  They can be used for parties, relaxation, even for scaring people, as often happens with our Haunted Corridors disc, originally designed for Halloween haunted houses.

The Seamless CD collection is always growing.  Check back with us often.