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Beneath May 18, 2019  

This is a unique disc that will take you on an underwater journey.  Perhaps if you were a fish (with human ears) this is what you’d experience.  BENEATH travels through the depths of the ocean, surfaces and dives again and encounters different sea-dwellers on the way.

Don’t mistake this for another run-of-the-mill “whale calls” CD.  Although there are aquatic animal sounds incorporated into the disc, the main focus is the underwater environment as a whole.  It really makes you feel like you’re traveling through deep sea.

This CD works well as a relaxation device.  It’s also good for installations or exhibits that are aquatic-oriented. 

If you are a museum, please contact us for a donation copy.



Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

   ONLY $ 3.99



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What a great product. It's my second download and it always works perfectly.
Yet another beautiful download, Thanx once again. 
molto bello, grazie :-)
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brilliant music and service so happy (and relaxed!!!)
Great sounds!! Thank you!!
Yet another great CD 10/10