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Downpour May 18, 2019  

This is a rain CD.  Of course, there are tons of rain and thunder CD’s out there.  What makes this one different (besides being seamless) is that it’s a lot more of a real experience and not just a lot of thunder.  The rain starts off very light, then progresses into a real storm, with water crashing down and over the gutters, thunder booming, then gets lighter again and finally peters off to a light drizzle.  It’s what you’d hear if you sat on the porch of your house during a rain storm.

Grab your favorite book and favorite cat and snuggle into your favorite love seat.  It’s a rainy day.



Clip 1


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Couldn't sleep...bought, downloaded and burned in 10 minutes! 
Easy immediate download. Sounds great. Will help me sleep. 
Fast transaction,easy download, great sound quality. Thanks so much!!
lovely sounds THANK YOU
Very Nice Recording. Thank You !!!
Instant download is very fast. Would recommend. Sounds good and very relaxing.
Excellent. Nice sounds to sleep to :-)
A great item, so soothing! Thanks :-)
beautiful CD, so relaxing, exactly as described. I love it thanks 
Fantastic idea, Great, great product. Thank you.
Recommend to anyone, very relaxing, quick download, thanku so much :)
A Very Pure & Naturall CD Excellent Quality Highly Recommended Thank You 10/10
Immediate download. Very relaxing! I love it. Thanks so much!