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Haunted Corridors May 18, 2019  



Haunted Corridors has just won the 2009 JPF ALBUM OF THE YEAR AWARD in the Experimental category! To read more about the award, please visit the JPF Awards pages.

Haunted Corridors  

Think back to the last time you watched a movie that really scared you.  Now think back to that part, where you just couldn’t take any more of the tension.  That’s what this is like.

This CD was originally designed to be played at haunted houses.  However, unlike most of the other Halloween CD’s out there, Haunted Corridors is not a bunch of cheesy sound effects, strung together and interspersed with silly songs, like Monster Mash.  This is a truly scary CD that uses the same sound design techniques as a horror film.  Obviously, this disc is great for Halloween parties or any party where you want to make the guests feel uneasy. 

Sound design for this project was created by 2006/2009 JPF Award Nominee, Cinema Braille.

Turn this up when you’re alone, in a dark room.  Email us and let us know how long you lasted.

Running time, without repeating - 44:17



Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

ONLY $ 4.99

It's sad that we have to write this, but:


Don't use it to hurt people.

CINEMA BRAILLE: Haunted Corridors



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After many years I finally found a real Halloween soundtrack. YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!
Veryyyyy Scaryyyyy!!!
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Received download, Great SoundTrac
Very cool way to get music. Excellent quality and quite creepy  
sound effects were outstanding, Thank You 
Awsome music! Perfect halloween music! No hassels with download! Recommended
Great Deal! Very Nice! Will make my haunted house next year! 
Great download really spooky 
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Thank you ! It went perfect in our haunted house.
Fantastic CD Very Clear Proffesional Recording Fast Efficient Download 
CD downloaded immediately, sounds creepy.
Another fabulous purchase; these soundscapes are great
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Excellent - very atmospheric, will be good for halloween party. 
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«:::A:::» «:::W:::» «:::E:::» «:::S:::» «:::O:::» «:::M:::» «:::E:::»
excellent sound effects CD
Spooky sounds! Great deal! Thanks!
Very cool...thank u!
We used this for Halloween and it was great! Thanks
Outstanding CD that scared all my trick or treaters! :-)
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Great download. Halloween will be fun this year. Thanks!
Very freaky CD! Thanks a lot and great job! 
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Exactly what I needed
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Great Halloween sound effects